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The Baaz app is designed to allow Arab users to connect with each other and share content and opinions. It features a Baaz Studio where users can create and publish content, Arab Communities where users can follow communities of interest, Audio Rooms for connecting with communities through audio technology, and Live Streaming for sharing moments live with communities. The app also offers account verification.
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Jul 21, 2022
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Welcome to Baaz, the first Arab social media platform! Our aim is to be a place where you can find the largest gathering of Arab communities, and to allow Arab users from all over the world to express themselves and share their opinions freely within virtual communities of their creation and own choice.
Baaz is keen to empower Arab communities and allow its users to discuss various topics with multi-interest Arab audiences. Our main features include Baaz Studio, where you can create and publish content in easy steps and share whatever interests you with your community; Arab Communities, where you can follow and be part of the communities that share interests with you; Audio Rooms, where you can connect with your community through audio technology and share your thoughts freely; Live Streaming, where you can share your favorite moments through live streaming technology with your community; and Account Verification, where you can verify your account in easy steps.


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What's new

Baaz's new update includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and enhanced user experience.
Enjoy the new update!